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Omega Series

Omega 13.5K
Omega 18K
Omega 27K
Omega 36K
Omega 54K

Omega Series

  • Multi-screen design based on Amiad’s proven suction-scanning screen filtration technology
  • Highly efficient self-cleaning mechanism to handle heavy dirt loads
  • Remarkable operation in fine filtration degrees, down to 10 micron
  • Compact footprint
  • Exceptionally high filtration area and flow rate per unit
  • ASME/ATEX/IECEX available upon request
  • Applications: Industrial, Municipal and Irrigation
* Patent pending
How the Omega Filter Works

The Amiad Omega Series of automatic filters have multiple screens operated by a common electrically-driven cleaning
mechanism. The flow rate ranges from 80 m³/h (350 gpm) to 2,200 m³/h (9,700 gpm) and the filtration degree from
10-500 micron. Inlet/Outlet flange connections are available from DN100 - DN500 (4”-20”).

The Filtration Process
Raw water enters from the filter inlet and passes through the multiple screens. Filtered water flows through the
filter outlet. The gradual dirt buildup on the inner screen’s surface causes an increase of the pressure differential
across the filter. The self-cleaning process begins when the pressure differential reaches a pre-set value.

The Self-Cleaning Process
Cleaning Once the self-cleaning cycle is initiated, the exhaust valve opens, creating a high velocity suction force at the scanner nozzles tips which hydraulically vacuums the filter cake from the screen’s surface. The multiple Spring Loaded Nozzles (SLN) simultaneously scan the screens in a helical path by a two-way reversing motorized drive transmission.
The duration of the self-cleaning process is approximately 25 seconds, during which filtered water continues to flow
through the filter.

The Control System
Operation and monitoring is done by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The PLC allows maximum operation
flexibility and provides a wide range of control options from an independent stand-alone unit up to full integration
within the customer’s central control system.

Initiation of self-cleaning process:
  1. Flushing by pressure differential – DP analog or digital signa
  2. Flushing by time intervals
  3. Continuous flushing – regardless of DP or time
  4. Remote or local manual start

The PLC also provides:

  • Flush cycle counter
  • Cause of flushing statistics
  • Faults and alarms, reaction and messages.
Amiad’s Omega product line consists of the following models:
  • Omega 13.5K for up to 550 m3/h (2,400 gpm)
  • Omega 18K for up to 750 m3/h (3,300 gpm)
  • Omega 27K for up to 1,100 m3/h (4,800 gpm)
  • Omega 36K for up to 1,500 m3/h (6,600 gpm)
  • Omega 54K for up to 2,250 m3/h (9,900 gpm)